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Artist Biographies

Stephen Clapp is a cultural strategist and change agent who currently serves as Executive Director for Dance Metro DC and maintains a professional creative practice as Co-Artistic Director for Dance Box Theater. His work is mission driven with a passion for discovery at the intersections of the performing arts, social justice and service to the professional field of dance. Clapp has engaged with communities of children, adults, seniors, professional artists, organizers and veterans with arts-integration strategies that foster self-determination, innovative thinking, equitable communication structures and community empowerment. He serves on the board of Alternate ROOTS and has facilitated arts-based cultural equity trainings nationally. Clapp earned a Master of Fine Arts degree at the George Washington University in dance performance and choreography. After receiving a full university fellowship to the program, his research and performance work examined the intersection of contemporary dance and climate change communication. Clapp's experiences in the arts have helped him to understand how the creative sector is uniquely positioned to foster and model innovation that can transform communities. Clapp understands the necessity for arts professionals to take on many roles in order to achieve personal and community goals. His experiences with entrepreneurship and stewardship in the arts have brought him to hold multiple responsibilities that span choreography, fundraising, marketing and communications, personnel management, relational development, strategic planning, program development and implementation, board relations, management consulting, contract negotiations, presenting and performance.

Laura Schandelmeier is a DC native who has been a professional in the arts and culture sector since 1986. She served as Associate Producer of (formerly) Dance Theater Workshop in New York City, working with the Executive Director in artist selection, program development and institutional marketing. She is currently a Master Teaching Artist for the Wolf Trap Institute and in this capacity has acted as a representative for the organization to individual, institutional and governmental donors as well as to political figures advocating for arts education and funding support. Schandelmeier founded The Field/DC, one of the first satellites of The Field in New York City, an artist-driven arts service organization that has been housed at Dance Place since the mid 1990's. Schandelmeier's expertise includes artistic visioning, dance program design and implementation, program assessment and evaluation, personnel management, training and facilitation, mentorship and performing arts curation and production.

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