Laura Schandelmeier & Stephen Clapp

Dance Box Theater, Inc.
a non-profit 501(c)3 tax exempt organization

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Artistic Vision

Innovation, collaboration, social justice and the human condition are the cornerstones of our artistic vision. As co-artistic directors who have been creating together since 2004, we have refined a creative process over time that is fluid, collaborative, non-conventional and transformative. Our shared curatorial vision is that performing artists contribute significantly to the economic and cultural vitality of our nation and planet by helping communities to navigate the complexities of our society through creative engagement and experiencing multiple perspectives.

Our creative vision includes a social viewpoint that is rooted in the principles of shared power, open dialogue, equitable partnerships, transformation of individuals and communities, an aesthetic that reflects the diversity and multiple perspectives present among our communities, and an ethic that pushes the boundaries of genre, perception and art itself. We believe that there is a spectrum of excellence throughout the performing arts sector that spans community-based initiatives, regional arts programming and internationally-acclaimed artists. We approach all of our collaborators with a respectful appreciation for the assets each partner brings to the table. We have learned that audience development can happen when communities are provided with educational opportunities and creative happenings aimed at engaging people of as many ages and backgrounds as possible.

Our vision has been cultivated over time through strategic risk-taking, contextual development, love of contemporary performance, and with a full understanding of the scope and power that the performing arts has on our global community.

Dance Box Theater, Inc.
A 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization

Laura Schandelmeier and Stephen Clapp are the Founders and Co-Artistic Directors of Dance Box Theater, Inc. The mission of Dance Box Theater, Inc. is to support the creation and development of dynamic, finely crafted and engaging public performances; and to empower communities through partnerships, workshops, residencies and arts-based education. Our goals are to present performing arts that catalyze individual and community transformation; and to strive for the elimination of oppression in all its forms.